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Have you ever wanted to learn to speak Spanish?

If the answer is yes, then look no further.

Learning the local language can help with many everyday situations such as going to the bank, shopping and talking to your neighbours, it may increase your work opportunities, help you to understand the local culture and customs and generally make you feel part of the community. If the answer is yes, then look no further.

Increase your work opportunities

Understand local culture and customs

Talk to your neighbours

¡START the adventure!

Choose your level


Gradually build your vocabulary, learn simple everyday phrases and begin to understand how Spanish works in a practical sense. You will be introduced to the wonderful world of Spanish verbs and grammar and master how to speak in the present tense.


Improve your level of skill and understanding, expand your vocabulary, take the next steps on your way to speaking in other tenses, grow in confidence and have fun along the way.


Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. For advanced students you can engage in more

Via Zoom classes

Reliable video platform powers all of your communication needs


One to one classes via Zoom

Approximately one hour

Personalised classes designed to achieve the student’s goals lasting approximately one hour . If you are too busy or not able to meet in person, then this is the perfect way to learn the language on a one-to-one basis with tailored lessons and personal feedback.


Group classes via Zoom

Approximately one hour

This method allows students to interact and to try out their new language skills whilst gaining confidence. Classes are designed to suit the level of skill and understanding of those in the group.

Face-to-face classes

 If you prefer traditional-style classes and you live in or around the Los Alcazares area, then you could choose to have one-to-one lessons or to join other like-minded people in a small group setting.
The lessons can be directly tailored to meet your requirements

Individual face-to-face lessons

Approximately one hour

Individual face-to-face lessons can be directly tailored to meet your requirements and conducted at your pace, whether that’s to help with everyday interactions in the community or to achieve more specific goals.

You will work your way through a comprehensive checklist of language topics which include all you will need to know to get you started or to improve your existing knowledge.

The lessons are friendly and fun

Small group classes

Approximately one hour

If you like the idea of meeting new people and sharing the experience with others, then why not join one of the small group classes?

The lessons are friendly and fun with no pressure and no fuss. There’s no need to feel nervous or anxious, everyone is in the same position and can offer encouragement and support.

Who I am?

The best inspiration is the desire to learn

My name is Luis and I was born and raised here in the Murcia region of Spain. Since I was a child I have been passionate about reading and the power of words.

In 2007 I discovered that not only could my native language be used as a tool to communicate with those around me, but that through learning another language, the world could open up to me in many more different and exciting ways.

I have travelled and met many people and somewhat by chance, or perhaps destiny, I decided to train as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language.

I have been studying English for many years and fell in love with the language of Shakespeare. I’ve had some inspiring teachers and some not so inspiring but I learned that the best inspiration is the desire to learn and the passion to know and understand.
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